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Copywriter. Editor. Organizer.

Activist. Cheerleader. Mother.

After college shenanigans, a publishing job in a tiny Welsh town, solo backpacking Eastern Europe for eight months, and a PR stint in Boston, I began my writing career in earnest while living in Belgium. Between stumbling over cobblestones and shoving my face full of chocolates and beer, I had a weekly column translated into Dutch in a national newspaper, was a regular contributor to the country’s weekly expat publication, and freelanced for over five communication agencies. I also launched Gent Go-Go Roller Derby, Belgium’s first-ever roller derby team.

Married with a baby and dog, I returned to the home of my alma mater, Charleston SC. I continued digital copywriting and website content production for clients, and garnered a column in the weekly newspaper. Now in Portland, OR with two kids in elementary school, I live in a 113-year-old craftsman happily surrounded by liberals and waterfalls.

I get giddy in bookstores, am addicted to board games, never ski as much as I want to, read constantly, and put garlic in everything. I love wine, the thrill of being in an airport before an adventure, giant trees, ecstatic dances, mornings, fresh baked bread, camping, and spell check. I like to put my energy, creativity, and love of writing into projects and organizations that make a difference. 

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